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School Heating


School Heating Techniques

As is the case with any public building, heating schools can be a challenging task. This is primarily due to the sheer size of the area involved and the fact that students need to remain comfortable throughout the day. Thus, heating methods within schools tend to be quite robust and in modern times, there have also been some changes in the technologies that are used. Let us take a closer look.

Tried and True Methods

Of course, the majority of heat for schools is still primarily derived from the burning of fuel oil or natural gas. A boiler will generate heat through the combustion of these substances and thereafter, the hot water will be pumped throughout the building. Therefore, a reliable supply of heat will be available to bathrooms, classrooms and hallways.

Modern Innovations

However, many schools are now taking more environmentally friendly approaches to this daunting responsibility. For example, some are now making use of solar technology. This will help save on heating bills over time while simultaneously supplying a clean and completely renewable source of energy. Likewise, other locations are employing ground-source heat pumps. These tend to be more efficient when compared to traditional fossil fuels and more heat can be supplied with less overall energy consumption.

Finally, "smart" systems are now evolving. An example can be seen in the selective heating of zones which are in use while vacant rooms or buildings will not be included in this "loop". This will cut down on energy bills and once again, the amount of fuel oil or natural gas used is drastically reduced. These and other techniques will likely become more popular in the years ahead.

Heating a school is indeed no easy task. With expertise and efficient technologies, a substantial amount of time, money and energy can be saved. We recommend Drugasar for school heating as they are heating specialists, they are a very trusted and reliable company.


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